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microSTARS aboard for the 14th EMN Annual Conference, 22nd & 23rd June, 2017


KEPA’s initiative, the microSTARS Business Development Services Centers are on their way to Venice, in order to participate, for the second consecutive year, at the 14th EMN Annual Conference, that the European Microfinance Network (EMN), in collaboration with its Italian partners Banca Etica, PerMicro and Ritmi, will hold in Italy on the 22nd & 23rd June 2017.

The purpose of the 14th EMN Annual Conference, that is entitled “Financial Education to Empower Citizens. All Aboard!” is to discuss how financial education can help the microfinance sector rethink the products on offer, ensuring they have a high social impact while prioritizing the clients’ needs. Stakeholders from the sector will have an opportunity to voice their different operational approaches to the topic at hand.

The event is meant to be a meeting of minds, ideas and experiences. Attendees are invited to discuss and reflect upon the power of financial education for vulnerable populations, such as microfinance clients. Their economic fragility is linked to the perpetual imbalance between the financial offer and their actual financial needs.

In particular, Mr. Neoklis Stamkos, microSTARS Project Manager by KEPA, is one of the facilitators who will run a panel discussion that deals with the following subject “Financial Education as a vehicle to add value to migrants and refugees’ economic and social capital”. Mr. Stamkos will have the opportunity to share with the participants his experience of KEPA’s involvement and implementation in cooperation with its partners from Italy, Sweden, Spain, and Germany, of the European Project “EntryWay- Entrepreneurship Without Borders Project Targeted Areas”, whose objectives focus on the provision of qualified and targeted assistance to migrant would-be entrepreneurs, thus contributing to their economic, social and cultural integration and empowerment, through a series of educational and counseling meetings, that the microSTARS Business Development Services Centers will offer in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The aim of this committee is to raising awareness of how financial education could be an effective vehicle to add value to the social and financial capital of refugees/migrants. Participants will have the opportunity to examine the main lessons learnt and the recommendations made during the operational experiences of practitioners that are operating in the microfinance and inclusive finance fields and that are working with the trainers of customers that have different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.


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